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Collaborative Portrait Project

250 students and their teachers from Maine schools collaborated to make these four foot portraits of our beloved organic farmers. Farmers involved: Goranson Farm, Dig Deep Farm, Crescent Run Farm, Morning Dew Farm, Sheepscot General at Uncas Farm, Treble Ridge Farm, Wholesome Holmstead, Winterberry Farm, Pagett Farm and Fresh Start Farm. Schools involved: Wiscassett, Gardiner, Winslow, Winthrop, Palermo, Whitefield, Camden Hills Regional, Augusta, Maranacook and Lisbon. Collaboration by Susan Bickford, Photographic Portraits by Allsion McKeen. Animation by students from Electronic Arts 2 at the University of Maine at Augusta.

Epic Portraiture throughout most of history has been reserved for monarchs, religious leaders, and the very rich. Images of the few, commissioned by the few, made by a master. In contrast, making portraits democratically, in collaboration, has the pontential to redefine how we see ourselves right now. This is a radically different model, many with many, not icons but locals, not virtuosity but inclusiveness, not complete but to be continued. The collection of portraits serves to empower through involvement, and make visible and accessible an index of hope.

click on the image to go to another website specifically about this work.

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