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Awakening the Ability to Dream Oneself Home

The performance of this work was initially shown at Mobius in Boston and the sculptural aspect of it was performed again at SPACE as a part of  "Light in the Dark", work which had light inherent in it's form,

in 2005.

This sculpture began from a 4 foot disk of ice with red shoes and potatoes embedded into it. In a performance, I blew a hole through the ice with a blow torch and it melted into a pile of dirt. I gathered the whole mess up into a sheet and suspended it, adding a motion sensor pump which when viewers walked by would pump the water up and into the dirt " filter". Before long, the potatoes sprouted, which is what they do, and found their way toward the light. Lauren Fensterstock writes in Art New England; "Susan Bickford, who organized the exhibition, provided the piece that most suggests the regenerative power of light. Her evolving installation used the heat of projected light and fire to begin a process of transformation that slowly unfolds. In this case, light caused growth and revealed what was previously hidden or unnoticed."

watch clip from sculpture

watch except from performance

"where am I going now?"

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